Affordable Email Marketing Service in Pakistan

    Email marketing is a proven digital marketing strategy for increasing brand awareness, growing website traffic, generating leads and promoting products and services.

    Whether you’re looking to overhaul your email marketing program, are in search of a marketing automation agency or simply want to maximize the results of your email marketing efforts, Corporate Marketing Service is on hand to assist every step of the way.

    Why Your Brand Needs an Email Strategy

    Email is arguably your strongest tool in your digital marketing strategy.

    Chances are, your target audience uses email, and checks their inboxes daily (99% of consumers do). It’s for this reason that 87% of B2B marketers and 79% of B2C marketers use email as one of their core organic digital marketing tactics.

    Email is the one chance you have to completely curate the message your reader sees, and then deliver it directly to their inbox. Marketers who utilize email marketing see strong ROI – as much as 42:1.

    Personalization is one of the most powerful aspects of email marketing. You can segment your audience into specific categories based on their past interactions with your brand, on their job title or duties, on their online behavior, or a vast number of other criteria. This detailed level of personalization means you can speak directly to the stage of the sales funnel they’re in, ensuring you’re delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.

    As lucrative as email can be, brands will only see the results they need if they approach this tactic with expertise, knowledge and skill. Your email marketing campaign can only be as strong as the attention you give it.

    That’s where we comes in. We’re a full-service content and email marketing agency, and our email marketing experts understand how to leverage this medium to produce high-quality results. They’ve worked with brands in a wide variety of industries, including software and technology, consumer goods, health care, education, manufacturing, finance, food and beverage and many more. As such, they know how to tailor messages to every stage of the funnel in B2B and B2C audiences alike.

    Elements of Successful Email Marketing

    You may write emails on a daily basis, but the typical business or personal email is very different from an effective marketing email. To create a successful email marketing program, you must take into consideration these details:
    Compelling email copy

    Your emails must be well-written. That begins with the subject line and carries through the body of the email, and even into the signature at the end. Email writing is short-form writing, which means every single word counts. It takes a deft approach to ensure your email copy says everything it needs to without a single excess word.

    Attractive email template

    Plain-text emails might be just what your marketing programme needs. On the other hand, a bright, colourful template may work better for your brand. Whatever the case, it’s essential that design and layout is taken into consideration and each email template is professionally created and implemented.

    Analytics and data

    Every email marketing campaign should have specific, measurable goals. Collecting data from your email marketing software, website analytics, social media metrics and other sources gives you insight into your campaign performance. With this information, you can proceed confidently with your email marketing programme, making adjustments strategically to meet your objectives.


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